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"Supporting Productivity
Through Appropriate Education
in Southern Belize"

TIPís Direction

With the steady development of technology, and the constant integration of world communities, appropriate education has become an urgent necessity especially for developing societies. Faced with todayís realities, education must be seen as a means to an end rather than an end to itself.  Recognizing these facts, TIP was founded to provide appropriate education without interrupting careers.  For those who do not have careers before entering TIP, a wide variety of careers are made available to them.

                TOLEDOíS INSTITUTE OF PRODUCTIVITY is an educational and training institute which aims to foster a culture of productivity and entrepreneurship in the people it serves. TIP acknowledges the supremacy of GOD and operates under the philosophy that success in life is not based so much on knowledge as it is on morality, resourcefulness, moderation, and basic common sense.

                There is no fixed pre-requisite for admittance to TIP. The institute is open to anyone who demonstrates the will to use the education and training to attain a self sustaining lifestyle and to participate responsibly in the activities of our society.  TIPís education and training activities are concentrated primarily on natural and human resources development.

                Although TIP is in business primarily to address local problems, its services are made available to anyone who wish to work with the institute for the common good.  TIPís services extend to all people regardless of their physical or mental characteristics.  TIP will especially be open to individuals who for any reason, cannot pursue the formal system of education. TIP also welcomes individuals who are within the formal system.

The board of management for September 2003 - July 2004 are:

Mr. Philip Morgan Phd.
Mrs. Lorna Sampson BA.
Mrs. Lenna Morgan

Education Director
Education Director
Coordinating Director



"May all our work be for the Glory of God"

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