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A Letter from the Director

Peini (PG), Southern Belize
September 30th 2003

Dear Friend:

Thank you for your interest in the Toledoís Institute of Productivity.  We are confident that this new wave of education will challenge your potentials, enough to bring out the most productive you.

This Website contains the necessary information for you to consider participation in TIPís programs.  TIP has a rolling admission policy which allows you to be considered for admission once you have completed the application process.

TIPís admission policy requires that you be interviewed as an individual.  The admission committee considers your work experience, interview(s), recommendations, and other forms of education you may have.  As a part of the application process, you are encouraged to learn more about TIP by reading published TIP material, listening and viewing our regular radio & TV shows, talking with present and past participants, or attending a class session.

As a participant in TIPís programs you are a member of a community whose aim is to nurture a culture of productivity.  This gives you access to research facilities, trained personnel and much more.

We are proud of our pioneering effort in productive education and the resulting excellent reputation TIP has developed.  WE are confident that TIPís approach to productive education will allow you to unleash the greater part to your natural potentials.

If you are ready for this new and exciting education environment, please let us know.

Welcome Aboard!


Mrs. Lorna Sampson
Education Director




"May all our work be for the Glory of God"