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Prayer For Wisdom

When I was still young, before I started out on my travels, I boldly prayed for wisdom.  I went to the temple and asked for her, and I will look for her as long as I live.  From my blossoming youth to my ripe old age she has been my delight.  I have followed directly in her path ever since I  was  young.  I received wisdom as soon as I began listening for her, and I have been rewarded with  great  knowledge.  I have always been a learner and am grateful to every one who has been my teacher.

I was determined to live wisely and was devoted to the cause of goodness.  I have no regrets.  I fought for wisdom and was strict in my conduct.  When I prayed I sadly confessed how far short of wisdom I fell.  But I was  determined to have her, and I found her by keeping myself free from sin.  I have grown in wisdom since I found her, and I will never be without her, I have been richly rewarded.  The lord gave me a gift for words and I have used it in his praise. 

Come to me all you who need instructions, and learn in my school.  Why do you admit  that you are ignorant and do nothing about it?  Here is what I say: It cost nothing to be wise.  Put on the yoke, and be willing to learn.  The opportunity is always  near.  See for yourselves! I have really not studied very hard, but I have found great contentment.  No matter how much it costs you to get wisdom it will be well worth it.  Be joyfully grateful for the Lordís mercy and never be ashamed to praise him.  Do your duty at  the  proper time, and the Lord, at the time he thinks  proper, will give you your reward. 

Sirach 51 verses 13 - 30




"May all our work be for the Glory of God"