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TIPíS Advantage

TIP does not have a pass or fail system or an elimination process.  It is not about academics for broadening the mind.  Instead, TIPís courses are about practical, appropriate, and purposeful human growth, in harmony with the environment.  TIP strives to accentuate the positives in the individual.  We look for the things that will help and then build on them. Our programs are creatively designed to accomplish our goal of productivity.

One needs not quit his/her job to take on a TIP program.  Our programs are designed with the busy person in mind, class meetings are limited to allow students great latitudes in studying.  Class sizes are limited to a maximum of 10 person so as to afford each student personal attention.

TIP may be thought of as an incubator.  Under guided instructions a student learns to perform the task that may be his/her livelihood.  Although our students receive certificates for courses and programs, we believe that the real testament to the value of an individualís education is evident from his/her performance in life.




"May all our work be for the Glory of God"