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TIPís Instructional Approach


Class activities may be held in private homes, outdoors, public buildings, on radio or TV or any place convenient, cost effective and practical for the activity.

Past students and current students get the opportunity to interact and share their experiences and Knowledge.  Every course activity is an opportunity for sharing.  Students form study groups which help them to remain focused.  Study groups may invite instructors to some of their meeting sessions creating temporary but smaller classes.

Teaching methods and aids are as diverse as faculty and include lectures, discussions, case analysis, presentations, research projects, video and audio presentations, computerized instructions, and field experiences.  TIP makes use of radio, TV and newspaper communication to deliver course material.

Generally, the courses are prepared and then delivered by one or more persons having the expertise in the area and the skill to impart the crucial information.  Each course carries its own duration.  Some courses may last as little as a few hours while others may last as long as two years.  Students setup their own programs of study with advice from TIPís office.

Instructors are drawn from a world wide pool of experts as they need not be physically present in Peini.




"May all our work be for the Glory of God"