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There is no fancy application process to enter TIP. It is only required that you complete an interview and fill out a basic application form.  One needs no recommendations or transcripts, although such documents would be looked at if made available.  A student comes to us with what he/she has and we take them as they are.  There is however one criteria, TIP will not compromise on.  All participants must demonstrate the desire to become employed (self or otherwise) and socially responsible.


Financial Aid

A lack of finance is not a valid excuse to stay out of TIP. You will find that a lack of finance is generally a good reason to choose TIP.  The institution finances its education programs from what is produced in the process of learning.  Students who excel and do more than the minimum are actually paid for the goods and services rendered through the institute.  TIP however upholds the principle that each must contribute their share and whenever  need arises, a little more.



TIPís code of conduct is one area that you will be required to observe carefully.  Although we understand and consider cultural preferences we expect that participants will always be of good moral and upright behavior.

Appropriate dress code must be observed for all sessions and only good healthy language along with basic respect will be encouraged.  We are absolutely tough on drugs which include: marijuana, cigarettes, alcohol and demoralizing TV shows.  The practice of being punctual to all session is strictly required of all participants.



Our assessment system is what will keep TIP in the direction it needs to go.  In all of our activities, we constantly assess the performance of our tutors, students, class, management as well as the guardianís participation.



The biggest benefit for your participation in TIPís programs is that you get an opportunity for personal development. Some programs will also give you an opportunity for international recognition. Presently, efforts are being made to build a system where participants will be able to share their skills, finances and other resources.




"May all our work be for the Glory of God"